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To join our NAREB local chapter, simply complete the National online registration form by following the link below in blue. You will be redirected to National’s website to sign up and be given options for membership fees based on your professional discipline and location selected which should be Bay Area Association of Realtists.

You may pay by credit card or check online, through PayPal.  Once you have submitted your complete registration, you will be provided with a REALTIST User ID and a default password. Please use this information to sign into the administrative modules for members only. You may change your password to one that you can remember.

You should receive confirmation within 24 hours of your registration, a REALTIST will contact you with information regarding local chapter meetings and other useful information.


Join the nation’s oldest and most historic black real estate trade association. Connects you with real business opportunities! Lists member Realtists on our website visited by NAREB’s financial partners, Affiliates, home buyers, Realtists nationwide looking for business alliances!

  • Alerts Realtists to policy changes that can the difference between a sale and wasted time!
  • Prepares Realtists to meet today’s real estate challenges with ethics training, certifications and designations to keep ahead of the curve!
  • Opens realtist-only listing opportunities in locations where NAREB chapters are active!
  • Convenes national and regional conferences attended by financial industry decision makers, economists, federal, housing policymakers, and elected officials.
  • Offers Realtist-only discounts on business and personal services.
  • Membership cards
  • Legislative and policy updates on housing issues.
  • Advocacy for fair housing and sustainable homeownership
  • Education and training opportunities are available to our entire membership across the many disciplines we present, providing certifications and special designations in many areas of interest.

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